About Kristin

Getting lost in the urban jungle is a true passion of mine, and I am either constantly taking pictures or thinking about taking them. By day, I am a language teacher, translator and proofreader, but almost all my spare time is devoted to photography. Together with my partner in crime, Kristof Vande Velde, I roam the streets looking for images that excite or move me in some way. I am usually drawn to emotionally evocative scenes, extraordinary lighting or striking contrasts.













  • Have a look at my street work on Flickr, or follow me on Instagram, where I post shots that are not necessarily classified as street photography.
  • I’m a curator for the Flickr group of the wonderful APF Magazine: check out their website here!
  • Streethunters.net were so kind as to put me in a list of 25 Inspirational Ladies of Street Photography.
  • The kind people of Lenspeople interviewed me in May 2014.
  • I was featured in the September/October 2014 issue and the January/February 2015 issue of the International Street Photographer Magazine.
  • Michal Fanta of Odcloneno was so kind as to interview me. If you don’t understand Czech, scroll down to the English translation.
  • In the summer of 2015, I visited Stockholm and documented my experiences in my first co-project with Kristof Vande Velde. Read all about our two different takes on an amazing city on the website of The Creative Escape.
  • The people of the brilliant Street & Repeat group on Flickr interviewed me about my way of working and my learning process.
  • Casey Meshbesher featured my work in museums in her women-only street photography magazine Her Side of the Street. If you’re a female street photographer yourself, join her Facebook group here! The interview was also picked up by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica in March 2017.
  • Together with Nils Jorgensen, I am an international guest at the 2017 edition of the Street Photography Slide Night in Luxembourg (website, Facebook), where I will show a selection of my work.

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